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Neither you sing nor you can hear it. It is something in between. A little shivering and you know you are "in"...

In Tantra we sing the song of life. This is a singing without singing. This song is eternal, this song has ever been with us. The song is very lovely and beautiful and material obsessions which dominated your life before may dissolve by a blink of an eye. This song you sing is the very breath of existence. Once you start to sing the goal of your life is archived. There is no longer a distance between you and your dream because the very idea of a "dream far away" itself vaporizes. So how can you sing the song of life? By going into exercises. A lot of them. In silence, away from other people. Just by yourself you must be. Then by exercising you sing the song. Existence will hear you. Existence will look at you. Existence will be in you. From the spiritual condition of feeling perfect you look at the world differently. Because all is good inside of you, all is good inside in your body, all your thoughts feel like sorted rightly, in right the place in your library of emotions. So from this perspective of perfection looking at another YOU is another step of spending your time in the eternal field of consciousness. 

So what is Tantra? So many answers but all of them do not seem to match. Just be aware of those who seem to have all the answers. Listen beloved, Tantra can be a set of exercises which help you to make your inner being beautiful and happy. This beautiful magnetism then might silently shine and warm others hearts . Finally you can use this attraction for many different worldly or divine purposes, It depends how someone is willing to use it. The world is your playground! So we speak about a psycho-mystical toolset, and yes, Tantra has been in its origin a religion, a canon of teachings with millions of variations. Yes, there are many gods and goddesses in Tantra but behind each individual entity is a pathway to the endless ocean of bliss. Again, it is up to you how you use Tantra. And yes, sex might play a big part in Tantra but very differently of how we western people can ever imagine. Many of us in the West invent their own Tantra, that is ok, too. But just remember, what you invent yourself might be cool but to go for something higher it is better that you make yourself very small, so "they" let you in. So better stick to the origins, eventually.  Michael Perin Wogenburg

PS: Not everyone will love you, only those who know that the beauty is in the beholder.