The Andhakaara Path to Power

An online course in traditional Tantra

(The secret sadhanas everyone is looking for)


My name is Michael Perin Wogenburg from Austria, living in South East Asia. I am neither a sanskrit scholar nor an yogi. Many difficulties in my own life made me study the secret spiritual teachings of India in theory and practise. The course I am presenting here is a body & mind university based on traditional (esoteric) Tantra.

Most of us are safe and secure, but instead of enjoying our inner and outer wealth, we are anxious, depressed, lonely and dissatisfied.

Through the practice of the The Andhakaara Path to Power you will unlock unknown dimensions of yourself. The daily exercises will trigger your pineal gland - the mystical part of your brain - and reconnect you to the source of life, which manifests in a state of  all-encompassing awareness.

The content of the ‘365 days’ originate in ancient Indian 'Tantric Shastras' which are practical teachings of how to exercise and live life to its highest potential and written by the Rishis, the seers of ancient India. The teachings in this course have been adapted to our modern thinking by my lifelong effort to make the complex teachings of ancient India Tantra easily understandable and effortless to practise.

In the West, Tantra is associated with sexuality alone but in truth it is so much more: Art - Psychology - Health - Mysticism - Consciousness & Sexuality! In this course, you will get the chance to experience all of these aspects.

Technically speaking, some of the exercises are related to Kundalini- and Laya Yoga, but small differences in the practices yield completely different results. You will uncover parts of yourself you did not know existed.

I truly hope you will enjoy my course and archive beautiful states of bliss and harmony. Always remember, it is your birthright to be one with God!

Michael Perin Wogenburg

Michael Perin Wogenburg - Author of the Online Course - The Andhakaara Path to Power - Teacher of Kundalini Kriya Tantra in the lineage of Vamachara Shakta Marga.   READ ABOUT MICHAEL HERE

Michael Perin Wogenburg - Author of the Online Course - The Andhakaara Path to Power - Teacher of Kundalini Kriya Tantra in the lineage of Vamachara Shakta Marga.



This training will challenge you to leave your comfort zone!


Facts & figures


1. The Andhakaara Path to Power - is the most comprehensive online course for authentic Tantra, the student will learn about its theory and how to practise it.

2. The Andhakaara Path to Power is also a self-development course to archive harmony with existence, to experience the secrets of magical sexuality and to open the mystical aspect of your brain through exercise!

3. Through this training everyone can free himself from worries and psychological instabilities and fill his/her life with abundance and magical powers!

4. Each stage of the course  is related to a different Goddess, her powers and characteristics which you will learn to unlock for yourself.

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The Andhakaara Path to Power encompass:


1. Theory & practice in ancient tantric sexuality

2. Theory  &  practice of asana - mudra - pranayama - dharana - dhyana 

3. Unknown Kriya,- & Laya & Kundalini sequences 

4. Exercises on Tantric psychology & psychotherapy

5. Theory & practice of animistic magic

6. Butha & darkness Meditation

7. Basics of Sanskrit


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LEVEL 1 of the Online Tantra Course Overview

51 DAYS of teachings through video, audio, and text


1. Foundation to kriya yoga sadhana

2. Introduction to darkness prana meditation

3. Sadhana related to the widow goddess of the 10 mahavidya

4. Theory in traditional tantra

5. Introduction to the advaita system of Indrias (10 senses)

6. Non-ejaculation techniques

8. Pranayama for good health, powerful sex and altered states of consciousness!


$ 204 FOR 51 DAYS


(LEVEL 1) + (Michael Perin Wogenburg via skype - 1 hour)  $300


(LEVEL 1) + (18 hours of Video Coaching)  $1800  (only limited slots available)