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My name is Michael Perin-Wogenburg, and I am a teacher, life coach, and author of The 365 DAYS - The Andhakaara Path to Power course. I have dedicated the past 20 years of my life to studying, understanding and preserving the ancient occult knowledge of mankind, so that I may pass it over to a new generation. I am an expert in ancient methods of psychotherapy based on rituals from Sanskrit scriptures on nonduality. My ultimate goal is to venture to the next frontier of the human mind, following in the footsteps of C.G Jung and Wilhelm Reich. 

The collection of teachings and philosophies on this site are not restricted by a particular group or religious sector. My tradition is not closely related to any commercialized yoga or Tantra communities. It is closer to the original texts and practices, just modified for today's world. These teachings have been passed on to me from ancient times, and I believe they are the way to heal our broken earth and return balance to nature. For the individual, these practices can heal depression, anxiety, and other extreme or unusual mental disorders and bring back peace, equanimity, and ease in life. I know, because they have done this and more for me.




Heartbreak and Addiction

In 1998, when my daughter was 2 years old, my first wife died in my arms while delivering our son in an alternative birth clinic in Vienna, Austria. A month later, my son Noel went back to the realms of the unknown. I didn't have any relatives to support me, and most of my friends disappeared, as the situation was too painful for most people to deal with. Before this, my wife and I have ran a successful media company and been embraced by a wonderful meditation community for 10 years. Suddently, this all came crashing down. 

I was alone with a 2-year-old girl, and my desperate situation drove me towards harmful ways of coping.  I started high risk trading, became addicted to alcohol and pornography, and could not move my ass for quite a while. I was stuck in a limbo of addictions.

Although I misdealt with my trauma, I was aware of my increasing attraction to sexuality as a release. After some time I was able at least to make some steps in life and went with my daughter to India, wherein the most beautiful and loving way, the guru of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission took me in. I felt embraced and loved by a wonderful community of caring souls.

However, after a few months, he sent me back to Europe and I felt like I had been expelled from paradise. I hated him for abandoning me.  Again, I felt alone and even meditation could not help me. Back in my cold city in Europe, I went back to feeling weak and addicted. Although the atmosphere in the ashram had felt wonderful and divine, the restrictions of ashram life had left me feeling a bit crazy.

I decided to travel to Mauritius where I met a woman from Reunion Island and fell in love with her. Still in a state of trauma and mentally ill, I entered into a relationship with her. I was desperate to give my child a new home and a safe environment to live in. Unfortunately, I was stressed and this decision came too early. I was so attracted to her sexual radiation, I neglected to get to know the real her. We produced a baby, a beautiful son, but despite being two spiritual people, our souls were universes apart. I just could not handle her.

I remained sad and lonely. I was not aware that the only thing that attracted me to her was her sensual radiation. At that time, I was not aware that this is a fundamental key to understanding indigenous spirituality, most of all, ancient Indian Tantra. I was trapped in a family situation that I created for the sake of my daughter, not knowing whom the person sleeping beside me really was.

Neurofeedback in Silicon Valley

Deep inside, I was still a wondering fool, in a desperate position.  I wondered: Is spirituality just a bluff, a way to put stupid dreams in the minds of unhappy people? Stubbornly, I didn't want to give up my search for the true way of living right. Around this time, I came to know the brilliant Dr. James Hardt of the Biocybernaut Institute in Silicon Valley. I got to experience his Neurofeedback training, in which you can learn to control your own brainwaves. He even offered me the chance to become a trainer myself.  I found his work and technology brilliant.  I began to understand and control my brainwaves and subconscious mindsets.

However, when I had a vision of throwing god from his eternal throne and taking over the universe, even Dr. Hardt wondered about my mental condition. He felt the need to perform an awkward Catholic exorcism with me, trying to expel the devil out of me. I didn't get the job needless to say, but the experience of his work still influences me.

It looks like I have an addiction to crazy situations! It's this type of stupidity that ultimately teaches me about life and enables me to examine the matrix of ordinary life--failing, again and again, always making mistakes, but never losing curiosity with a blinking eye of irony. As my beloved Carlos Castaneda said, "It is the universe who is swallowing our experiences for its own sake, not for ours."

Finding the mysteries of ancient Tantra

Again back in Vienna, I met a mysterious Indian man who had only a handful of disciples and I applied to learn his teachings. He was more a Gurdjieff kind of person. He told me he could not shoot me to heaven like my other guru, but that the 1 meter I would walk into spirituality this time, I would walk with my own feet. He treated me like a Zen master would treat a student, not beating me physically but mentally. I felt like I was in a mental BDSM clinic. But he was able to listen, he was approachable, and he had a sense of modern life as well as the magical life of past times.

I promised him I would never reveal his name to the world. He told me that in his tradition the gurus work invisibly and that they do not shine and radiate in white clothes like Yogi Bhajan. He always made fun of the gurus who chose to live that way. How much I loved this man! When I sat with him and learned his exercises, the sound of his voice and his breath and the jewelry around his arms took me to the ancient times of mankind. I learned about the origins of yoga. I learned through Sadhana, Mantra, Pranayama, and Pratyahara to stabilize my shaken soul and slowly and invisibly open the doors of perception into another universe, where our true powers and potentials are hidden.

The 2nd world opened itself to me. I came in touch with the unknown, meeting entities of light and darkness. The snake took me into other dimensions of reality. Thinking back to that time, it seems the other side was truer than 'reality,' something people usually say when taking DMT or Ayahuasca. He made me understand the Chakras in a way I could never have from reading books.

I remember once I watched the ocean on Reunion Island and suddenly my sense of reality faded and all the ocean entered in my 2nd chakra, the Svadistana Chakra, and the universe of water and sexuality came inside of me. Guruji made me understand that sexuality is a tool to archive something different and not a goal in itself. He made me realize that the Tantric search for the super orgasm or multi orgasm (the naive teachings of Mantak Chia for example) is a child's game, only a natural side effect of the Tantric practice.

My amazing experiences of the paranormal went on for some time until I finally met in a vision of the Lord of Darkness, which I think was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. The snake, which often appeared to me in magnetic dreams of uncontrolled power, took me through many rooms of consciousness to meet him, the ultimate source of darkness. Much later, with a lot of intellectual reflection, I came to the conclusion that this being was not evil at all, although it appeared to be. I met something in outer space who swallowed the darkness of humanity like a vacuum cleaner and presented its very essence to me. He came to me in different ways, always inviting me to merge with his essence, I declined until he finally gave up and disappeared, probably forever. Until the end of my days as a mortal, I will be honored by his presence, something not many people have had the grace to experience.

During the years of going into the mysteries of ancient Tantra, I collected thousands of teachings. When I was occupied doing one, I already forgot the last one and the encyclopedia of magic got bigger and bigger but impossible to hold all together in my mind. One day I decided to share the teachings in an immense online course, 'The 365 Days - The Andhakaara Path to Power'. This course honors and explores an immense spiritual architecture and by doing this I hope to save this knowledge. In my opinion, collecting and studying the vast architecture of the magical buildings of the past are the only way not just to set our human minds right, but consequently save our planet, our mother ship earth which right now is on the brink of dying. There are no Gods in Rishikesh anymore - they feel disgusted by the plastic bags of rubbish. Those gods retreated a long time ago because the home of the gods is the nature, which we skillfully poisoned and destroyed. Let us clean up our earth so that we might hope the brighter world finally opens its doors again to humanity.

I am not a guru but through my life experiences, I am able to really listen to those in desperate need and pass on these ancient teachings to a new generation, in order that our hearts, penises, and vaginas get the right teachings needed to live a fulfilling life. Still, I will stay the fool I have always been, but I am a fool with grace in the hands of God. I hope that my life’s work may also help others find grace. 

Love, Michael


Certain problems require unusual solutions. Certain solutions require 100% confidentiality. I develop solutions for the most outrageous personal issues!

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In 1196 me and my wife Stefanie together with Joseph and Andy made a TV documentary about our work with Science Wonder Productions. Very soon after Stefanie passed away. This documentary is in German only.