Forbidden Yoga Spas




Meditation, enlightenment, personal awakening, or healing? 


It is all of these things and much more.  

Imagine moving through various curated art-rooms, where male & female facilitators carry you through stages while performing different rituals with you. Dark rooms, light rooms, play rooms…  Tantalizing scents elevating you to a different state of consciousnesses as you perform guided tasks ...


Beyond Psychotherapy

FORBIDDEN YOGA consists of a combination of techniques, amalgamating sensory deprivation and sensory overflow which helps patients with minor or major issues heal wounds in an exceptionally unique setting - inside rooms created by artists that enable an experience like no other.  

Step 1: Sensory Deprivation

Through an ancient technique of open-eye meditation in a sensory deprivation floating tank, you will recharge yourself. Surrounded by darkness you fill yourself with prana (life-giving force). You will go beyond your senses to a prenatal state, where your senses were unified as one.


Step 2: Sensory Overflow

Following the sensory deprivation tank sessions, you will perform sensual rituals from ancient rediscovered tantric scriptures that have never been practiced in the western world before. As a result, you will feel as if you have just been born and are coming in contact with the sensory world for the very first time. Everything will seem new and exciting, like how it was when you were a child. 

Step 3: Mystical Experience

The tension between these opposing methods - of sensory deprivation and sensory overflow will- trigger your pineal gland, the mystical organ in the brain. This effect is normally only possible through long term intense meditation or psychedelic drugs. However, this experience is achieved through the combination of these specific exercises. 
The duration of the treatment in the Spa depends on the needs of each client and can take from a few hours, to a few days or even weeks.


Rethinking Sexuality

FORBIDDEN YOGA SPA is a disruptive spa concept that goes beyond massages - although bodywork techniques will also be available -because it provides people with a safe space to better understand their psychological layers of identity including their hidden desires. The fine blend of exercises is not just targeted for women & men with problems such as burn out, depression, sexual abuse, impotence, anxiety but also for people who are in need of creative inspiration. Moreover, through the Forbidden Yoga Spa you can learn techniques for better lovemaking and prolonged orgasms as well as practices to calm down unhealthy sexual desires.  

The Forbidden Yoga Molecule



Forbidden Yoga Spa is still a vision...

If you are interested in realizing a the Forbidden Yoga Spa anywhere in the world, feel free to get in touch!