Sensual Liberation Tours

Your personal 1st class ticket into Oneness


The Sensual Liberation Tours are a luxury travel adventure, a retreat, a healing project inside of a city space. A chosen city becomes the theatrical background for a truly holistic healing procedure for a single private client.  


In a Sensual Liberation retreat I am not teaching the hanky-panky Western 'Tantra' of hugging and massaging dicks and pussies for the sake of better orgasm. Yes, my Tantra teaching are on the highest level you can possibly find in todays world and I go much deeper than 99.9% of Tantra workshop offers you can find today outside of India. And in India itself, well there are obstacles why it is difficult or impossible that you can learn about it there.

For example I apply the techniques of Nyasa, about which a famous Austrian Sanskrit scholar wrote in his book 'The Tantric Tradition' and I am quoting from his book for the very reason that you can get a glimpse of how 'scientific' the tantric universe really is. There is no need to understand the following quote but certain readers will appreciate this rare find:

Swami-Aghehananda Bharati on Nyasa (1965)

The Mantramahodadhi has a section entitled 'the nyasa of the pithas (pitha-nyasa-kathanam). Literally, nyasa is the process of charging a part of the body, or any organ of another living body, with a specified power through touch. For instance, by placing the fire-mudra on the heart-region uttering the fire-mantra ‘ram’, the adept's heart is made into the cosmic fire; and by meditating on a specific pitha with the mantra of its presiding 'Sakti', the very region (for instance the heart, or the navel, or the throat) wherein the Sakti is thus visualized is hypostasized or trans-substantiated, into that pitha. The tantric formulation would be: Meditating on the pilgrim-centre through visualizing its presiding deity in the prescribed manner, the locus of concentration in the yogi's body is charged with the spiritual efficacy of that very place. With the Buddhist tantrics, the pattern is transparent even on a purely doctrinal basis-for no 'place of pilgrimage' exist in an ontological sense.



The Sensual Liberation tour is a vacation for men or women who are in serious trouble (including boredom), giving them time and a safe space to heal themselves through rituals based on ancient esoteric texts. As this private and anonymous retreat, participants will learn how to cope in a world full of unspoken rules and complex sexual behaviour in the time of #metoo. The camp is generally held at an exotic location around the world of your choosing.


Imagine you are watching a documentary on Netflix! 

... we see the Austrian Michael Perin Wogenburg taking a sad, depressed male client to Bangkok and guiding him around the city. Michael's idea is to use the city as the retreat center itself and not push a drunken "Johnny Depp" to a Rehab clinic. Michael gathers a group of international models to become the placeholder actors for special performance like therapies. Before that Michael brings the client to a float tank (sensory deprivation) center to do exercises in absolute darkness, teaching him and ancient technique of the Atharvāveda darkness meditation. Michael and the client then go to the smoky and mysterious Chinese medicine retreat centre, where people from all over the world come to get healing for all kinds of illnesses. Michael organizes fascinating Tantric rituals - unknown to the western world - for the client to go through, finally shaking him from his depression while explaining the audience the differences between Freud’s, Jung´s and Reich´s psychoanalyses with ancient Tantric philosophy. This section of the movie deals with depression, burnout, unfulfilled sexual desires, unhealthy and healthy lifestyles, Tantra, sexual abuse in Yoga communities, Chakras, Kundalini, #metoo etc.


A movie which can become your reality!


In this private vacation these and other issues can be addressed:


  • How to behave as a man in modern society

  •  Burnout

  •  Impotence & other Sexual Dysfunctions (e.g. addiction to pornography)

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Aggression

  • Despair

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Loneliness & Isolation

  • Loss of loved ones

  • Training in Sexual Spirituality

  • Sexual Abuse & misconduct

  • Spiritual Upliftment - Your Journey into Oneness